Regardless of the form used, we can transfer images, logos or texts to almost all woods.

You can give your belt buckle an even more personal touch.

Immediately available belt buckles can be found in our online shop,
these are exclusively selected unique pieces!


Immediately available belt buckles can be found in our online shop!


PetziBelts Designer

Design your own belt buckle and we will make it individually and exclusively for you!

Open Designer

Just as every belt buckle is unique, the desired design is also adapted to the actual shape, surface and grain. For this purpose we first finish the belt buckle and then scan it. The desired print is then prepared on the computer and adapted to the belt buckle.

We will then send you these drafts and have them approved by you.

By using highly professional image editing software, we can also implement special requirements and post-processing of images. 

Depending on the used wood, we then transfer the design to the wood using one of two techniques.

Afterwards the surface is sealed according to your order. For the print series we use silk matt or high gloss clear varnish. Wax or oil are usually not possible here.


Due to the color of the wood and the grain, not all colors of the graphic may look like the ones printed on paper. With light colors, especially white of course, the background has an effect here. Certain details that are visible on the design on the computer may not be visible when transferred.
For black and very dark woods, printing is currently not possible.

A further restriction may exist for reasons of trademark protection and copyrights, as well as for certain contents. Therefore, we reserve the right to reject requests.