We are an handcraft company that produces the highest quality wooden belt buckles.

Each piece is unique and is handmade with great passion. We use carefully selected precious woods.

Our manufacturing site is located in Carinthia, in the south of Austria.

The name PetziBelts goes back to our dog Bella, nickname “Petzi”.
Out of gratefulness for a faithful friend and companion, who unfortunately left us in December 2018 to hunt for treats and squirrels in dog heaven.


PetziBelts - Gernot


First Steps

The story of PetziBelts begins with the unsuccessful search for an extraordinary and stylish belt buckle. Despite extensive research it was not possible to find a classy and high-quality belt buckle made of wood. Finally, in the summer of 2016 the idea was born to simply make one yourself. However, the idea of how to do this quickly and easily was soon caught up by reality.

‘Curved’ shape

But the perseverance paid off in the end. After numerous trials with different types of wood, shapes and closures, we were finally able to achieve initial success. The result is the unique and for PetziBelts characteristic ‘curved’ shape of the buckles, which offer a much better wearing comfort.

The entire shape is handmade from one piece, paying special attention to the special characteristics of the selected wood. This rough form is then sanded in numerous individual steps until the belt buckle has the expected even and smooth shape. The consequence of this is a much higher effort for the production of our belt buckles. However, in view of the results achieved, we are convinced that the more demanding production is fully justified.

Our own closure system

This ‘curved’ shape of course also requires a special system for the buckle closure, because the available prefabricated systems are designed for straight and flat surfaces.

Ceramic PetziBelts logo

A special feature of PetziBelts belt buckles is the integrated PetziBelts logo.

The logos are made of clay and fired. The characteristic character PB is applied beforehand with an embossed stamp. To make the characters more easily recognizable, each individual logo is blackened with manganese dioxide before firing.
Before the logos are glued into the belt buckle, they are sanded down by hand to fit. Finally, some logos are slightly colored, depending on the belt buckle and the wood.

Print Series

In the beginning for the print series was the idea to transfer the PetziBelts logo to the belt buckle. We tried out different techniques and variations.

In the end, these extensive experiments have led to the fact that today almost every logo, lettering, but also pictures can be transferred to our belt buckles in detail.

By using highly professional image editing software we can also implement special wishes and post-processing of images.

Music Series

From the passion for music, the desire to make special belt buckles for our own band developed very quickly – for the guitarists a realization of their own instrument – at least in the form, if possible also in the wood used. For the drummer, at least a ‘normal’ PetziBelts buckle with the appropriate imprint.

Leather Belts

Right from the start, it was not a consideration for us to produce the belt straps ourselves. We looked for a partner who, like us, produces high-quality leather belts by hand. After we tried out some suppliers, we committed ourselves very fast to one. We trust here in our partner company of ‘Gürtel nach Mass’ from Bassum in Germany.
If you don’t want to order the leather belt directly in our shop, we can recommend their local online store.